Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Restraint (and I'm not talking handcuffs)

So I visited my local Costco today and overheard what I thought was an interesting, yet oh so typical, exchange at one of the sample booths.

A lady approached and asked what was being sampled.  "Smoked oysters and (some type) of cracker".  The customer responded with "sounds delightful" and began to walk away.  Now the lady working and the customer seemed to have some loose familiarity, and the 'sample lady' responded "Oh, you can't have that?", to which the customer appropriately stated, "Oh, I'm sure I COULD!". 

I only heard the exchange and didn't see either lady nor any non-verbal interaction, but thought it was such an interesting and true statement (especially at Costco) that someone turning down such a "delightful" sample could only have a food insensitivity to explain them not joining the masses to indulge.  Also such a fitting response by the customer noting that they were quite capable of eating it but for some other reason was showing the restraint to not do so.

That said, 'tis the Season!  'Tis the Season to (over)indulge in those little treats that the rest of the year we seem to have less difficulty walking away from.  We're bombarded from every angle: advertising, peers, friends, family, free samples and parties.  

'Tis the Season to make excuses and revert to old habits.  Our list of excuses grows exponentially: "One won't hurt"; "Come on, it's Christmas"; "... but they're sooooo good"; "They'll be offended if I don't try one"; "It's a tradition!". 

You know what... you're probably right!  It is Christmas, and it may very well be a tradition.  Damn straight, they taste freakin' awesome and one probably won't kill you.  Someone might possibly get offended if you don't have one, but here's my thoughts on that:

It's Christmas DAY... not Christmas month!  And really, what should Christmas be all about (we've said what it's become)?  Traditions change all the time - start a new one!  Start a tradition of a healthy Holiday Season, enjoying friends and family.  Find new recipes with healthy alternatives that taste equally as awesome... they do exist! And to the person who gets their knickers in a knot that you won't try one of their chocolate-covered coconut cherry balls... flip the script... you should be equally as offended that they aren't supportive of the healthy changes that you are trying to make in your life. 

1/ Set your Holiday Season goals RIGHT NOW!  What would you like to be able to look back at on January 2nd 2012 and say "I DID IT!!!".  Create a challenge, Tara's #DontEatTheTreat is just one great thought process.
2/ Take a look at the traditions that you cling to and see if they're really a necessity.  Can you tweak them to model who you are RIGHT NOW as you read this!
3/ Start looking at recipes NOW!  December 23rd is too late.  Facebook your request.  Try them out in advance to see if they're up to snuff or if you can't tweak them make them even yummier.
4/ Come up with your standard "out" for when you're asked why you're not having any.  I tell my clients to use the "my trainer will kick my butt if he knew" excuse.  Second to this, plan an "exit strategy" if you know that things are about to go south.
5/ Be PROUD of what you are setting out to do never doubting the validity of that feeling! 
6/ Enjoy the heck outta the holidays.  Take time to rest and relax.  Stay healthy!

Blog #1 and no profanity... I'm so proud of me!